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A Chat with Liz Vaccariello about The Digest Diet

Over the past few years, I have been pretty open with my struggle to achieve permanent weight loss. I’ve had good results at times, and then bad results. This year in particular has been my biggest struggle yet. I’ve joined a gym and I’ve tried to clean up my eating. But every day is still a struggle and my scale has been pretty stubborn. I haven’t found the new magic equation that works for me yet.

You could say that I am pretty open to whatever will work now.

Last month while at BlogHer, I heard about a new approach to weight loss from the author of the plan herself. Liz Vaccariello is editor of Reader’s Digest and also The Digest Diet, a new 21-day plan that seeks to propel your body into releasing fat by eating nutritious meal including scrumptious smoothies (I tried them! Yum!) and fulfilling meals. The diet focuses on macro- and micro-nutrients that help the body release fats. Foods with vitamin C, fiber and protein are among the important ones, according to the diet.

Vaccariello has an infectious enthusiasm about the plan. “It’s a lifestyle,” says Vaccariello. “It shows you how to eat a wide range of food.” The Digest Diet focuses on natural foods. It’s a three-phase plan that begins with a four-day Fast Release phase. During that time, the body is flooded with nutrients and can release up to seven pounds, says Vaccariello. In phase two, lean proteins and green beverages are introduced as well. Phase three is the finish strong phase where portion control and balance are achieved.

Steeped in science, this diet has a lot of promise. “We put a test panel on the diet last fall,” says Vaccariello. The panel lost between 10 and 12 pounds over the 21-day period through changing their eating habits according to the plan. “What’s most exciting to me is how the people felt,” says Vaccariello. They were sleeping better, their blood pressure went down, and they generally felt better, says Vaccariello. Better yet? When they wanted a snack, it was more healthful than ever before. “They had taught their bodies to crave the high nutrient foods,” she says.

Exercise is also very important to the diet. The book suggests some easy workouts, but you can stick with whatever workout regimen you already have if you already have one.

So, since my interview, I have looked through the plan and was impressed with how flexible it was. You can really mold the plan to meet your tastes. Is it for me? I’m not sure. But I am considering giving it a try to kickstart something …

Have you tried The Digest Diet? How did it work for you?

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Friday 14th of September 2012

Lifestyle always sounds better than a diet.