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Bliss at the Beach, a Summer Remembered

As our time at the beach drew to a close this summer, I found myself caught up in the litany of things we didn’t do. We didn’t build that massive sandcastle. We didn’t swim quite enough. We didn’t try that new-to-us lobster roll place or head back for lobster bisque at the little brick place in the strip mall. We barely rode bikes. I never went kayaking. There were so many places we didn’t explore. And in the end, I didn’t manage to find a way to stay there once the summer was over — yet.

There’s a lot that just didn’t happen this summer.

But if you focus on all the negatives, how can you gaze at the beauty of the positives? We laughed a lot. Kites were flown. We spontaneously went swimming in our clothes. There were several beach days with the cousins. We crafted. We took long walks on the beach and collected so many shells and pieces of seaglass. We slept in and awoke to the sound of the waves.

It’s easy to get caught up in the disappointments, but to see the amazing things above it all is a blessing. Yes, we’re back in our country house, still dreaming of our own beach home. But that’s okay because we had a glorious summer.

When I was a child, summer fun was measured by the amount of sand that washed down the drain after a long day at the beach. If that’s any indication, a tremendous amount of fun was had this summer. There’s still great joy in digging in the sand, trying to make the perfect sandcastle and swimming. Summer was blissful.

I miss it. But we’ll be back again.

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