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My New Favorite Flats

How cute are these flats?

These are totally the kind of shoes that mean you’ll be getting lots of compliments while out and about. Not a bad thing at all. They’re also the kind of flats that are super versatile. Totally a good thing too.

But those aren’t the only reason I love these — they are also cool weather appropriate without being stifling to the tootsies. Probably the hardest part of transitioning from the warm temperatures of early fall to the cool and sometimes cold temperatures of late fall and early winter is having to surrender my flip flops. I love flip flops and sandals. They are so comfortable — and, better yet, they let my toes breathe. As someone who spent much of her childhood barefoot, that’s important.

These flats, Birdie from Oka B., are the perfect shoe for tossing on in the fall and winter. Comfortable and cute, these are a baby step away from the sandals I love — but are far more appropriate when the temperatures dip.

The color of these is a sleek metallic chocolate — but my favorite part is the flower detail made with feathers. So cute! As for the shoe, it’s made from a material similar to jellies (remember those) — but way more comfortable.

I like to wear my pair with jeans and a cozy black turtleneck sweater. But they are also super cute with dress pants and even the occasional skirt.

Get some:, $65

Disclosure: Oka B. sent me a pair of these shoes to try out — however, all opinions are my own and it was my decision to post about them.

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