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Thoughts on Revamping a Kitchen

Kitchen after-1

When my husband and I bought our house more than eight years ago, the first room we updated was the kitchen. The old kitchen was fine. It was okay. But we had a vision for something better than okay — something that didn’t involve the industrial linoleum tile flooring and boring basic white appliances.

Our kitchen update started with a new floor, which Shawn installed with the help of friends. Installing it ourselves (well, sort of) saved a ton on the cost of that update. We only had to purchase supplies (and pizza and beer). And better yet, Shawn learned how to tile a floor, which meant he was able to update other rooms in the house too. We also repainted the kitchen, choosing a soothing gray tone, and updated all the appliances. And we also transformed a broom closet into a pantry, which gave us some much-needed additional space for storing stuff.

A few years later, we upgraded the counter tops to granite too.

I’ve always said that the kitchen was the room that we really paid the most attention to when moving into our house — and it’s true. It’s also a really good thing, since I have used it like crazy since then.

Of course, it has been eight years since our initial updates, and I often look at the kitchen and start daydreaming about a fresh coat of paint in a hue that’s not so blue. And perhaps a different floor too, since the tile isn’t my favorite. The nice thing about revamping a kitchen? It doesn’t have to be a big, huge, expensive thing.

It could be something as simple as a new paint. New drawer pulls. A little reorganization. Even a new floor, when installed yourself, is totally doable.

What updates have you made to your kitchen?

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