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Fun at the Library

I discovered the library one summer when I was a little girl. My voracious appetite for reading had grown so much that buying books just didn’t make sense. I read them too quickly and then craved more instantly (a good problem to have, as Cate says). So, my grandmother began taking me to the library every week so I could pick out books to borrow.

That summer, I read through pretty much every Baby-Sitters Club book they had, along with a fair share of Caroline Clooney, R.L Stein and Christopher Pike books. And I discovered the fun side of non-fiction (Free Stuff for Kids!) too. It was blissful to browse the titles and choose books for the week.

Over the years though, I got out of the library habit. But as my children’s appetite for reading has increased, I have remembered the wisdom in borrowing books. So, about a year ago, the kids and I went to our local library and got library cards. They keep theirs in wallets (that I hold onto) and check out their own selections each week at the self-serve terminal. Some weeks, the kids leave with overflowing bags of books. Other times, they manage to read all their selections before we even get home.

Clearly they love to read too.

But lately, I have realized how much more libraries can offer too. Libraries are a community fixture — and at our library here, there are so many opportunities for free or inexpensive fun and learning. If you aren’t taking advantage of it at your community library, I highly encourage you to.

For instance, the kid’s section at our library has a wall of puppets and a puppet theater just waiting to be used. Chairs are set up and stuffed animals await a show — along with whatever kids want to watch too. Given the chance, Will and Paige are thrilled to put on puppet shows for each other.

There’s also Story Time — a reading time for kids (there are sessions for babies, toddlers and preschoolers). The kids sit in a semi-circle on the carpet and are read books. Then they all do a themed craft. Sometimes, beyond Story Time, authors visit and read to the kids as well. And recently, a local children’s museum did a special activity with kids too.

There’s so much to do at the local library. I only regret waiting this long to really check it out and enjoy all that our local library has to offer.

How often do you go to your local library? What awesome things are happening there?

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