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The Sweet Freedom of Summertime

me time

Thank you to Blue Bunny for sponsoring this fun summertime post.

As the countdown to summer vacation began in our house in May, there was much anticipation and expectation. I’ve made no secret of the fact that this has been the hardest year of my children’s lives, and they’ve proven how resilient and strong they are. And with summer coming, I couldn’t help but smile knowing the peaceful and relaxed days that lay ahead. Every summer is full of sweet moments, and this one will be the sweetest of all.

We have a summer bucket list filled with fun, excitement and new experiences to make the summer days extra special this year. I’ve earmarked day-trips close to home, and treats to be enjoyed. We’ll also spend most of the summer with relatives at the beach, enjoying the sand, surf and sun.

I’ll still be working, but in the summertime work is tucked into the crevices of the day. We’ll build sandcastles and watch the tide wash them away. Our cousins will join us often (do you hear me cousins? I said often!) and we’ll hunt for crabs, clams and more in the tide pools. The freedom of summertime is a beautiful thing.

Of course, as a mom, I think it’s also important to carve out time just for me. It’s a chance to recharge and center myself. And one of my favorite ways to get that is by taking rides solo on my beach cruiser.

When I turned 30, my husband surprised me with the pretty pink beach cruiser bike that I love riding along the shoreline. It’s a classic — one speed with a white seat and a handy wicker basket affixed to the front. I have a brightly flowered helmet that I always wear when I ride too (dorky or not, safety is very important).

This summer, I am looking forward to sneaking out in the early mornings for rides before anyone wakes up. The first rays of sunlight make the water of the Long Island Sound glimmer, making it look positively magical. Early mornings tend to be cooler and quieter, and I’ll be able to take my favorite route — up the shore, around the bend, back down another road to another beach and back again. It’s a 25 minute ride that makes my heart burst with excitement, imagining the day when my kids, husband and I will live so close to the beach too.

That me time? It totally rocks. And I love that it’s great exercise too, something I desperately need.

sweet freedom

And one other thing we’ll be doing this summer? Enjoying our favorite beach treat — Chocolate dipped vanilla cones. Every summer, my family goes wild for cones and often enjoy them at dusk, sitting on the beach. But since I am working on shedding some stubborn stress pounds, I don’t really want to indulge too much. Fortunately for me, Blue Bunny recently sent me their Sweet Freedom® Snack Size Vanilla Ice Cream Cones, which are filled with low-fat ice cream and have no added sugar. That means that I can still share in our family tradition of cones on the beach without ruining my efforts to be a fitter version of myself. Good thing they are delicious too.

Now, to just work on waking up earlier to really enjoy the sweet freedom of summertime …

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blue Bunny. All opinions are my own.

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Tuesday 9th of July 2013

Sounds like a perfect way to get some peaceful alone time, Sarah! I have a friend who wakes up an hour before her kids and sits on her deck drinking coffee....I think you guys are on to something!!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Your summer vacation sounds delightful!