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Inexpensive Holiday Decorating: Thrift Store Finds

Weeks ago, I was ready to start decorating for Christmas. However, friends and family convinced me to hold off until … today. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to dig into holiday decorating. And this year, I scored some fun new items to add to our holiday decor.

The adorable mouse above? It was just a few dollars and totally perfect. She’s the cutest thing, and I am so excited to have her on our mantle this year.

I also found this hand-painted and signed “Happy Holidays” sign. Honestly, it was the Santa that drew me to this sign — and I can’t wait to hang him in our dining room. But first, I had to update this a little.

First, I wiped the sign down all over with a cleansing wipe. Then I removed the frayed old red ribbon. It was probably pretty in its day, but it took away from the sign for me. I replaced it with a sheer dark blue ribbon that I looped through the eyes to hang. It was a super easy and fast update to this $1 find.

Finally, I wanted something to put our holiday cards in. This small, square basket is perfect for collecting cards (hint to friends and family: send us holiday cards!). It’s a little worn, but that adds to it for me. To make it totally holiday geared, I added a pretty red ribbon detail — just wrapped around and tied.

Again, this was a super easy and simple update to this $1 find (actually, I think it was less than $1).

Have you found any good holiday decor finds lately?

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