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Book Review: The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

When I started reading The Divorce Papers: A Novel by Sophie Rieger, I wasn’t sure about it.

It’s different. Sophie Diehl is a 29-year-old criminal law associate at a law firm who gets roped into handling a divorce for an important client. The client, who is aware that she has no divorce law experience, wants her for precisely that reason. The novel is punctuated with bits of legal info, which flow with the story.

Sophie, for her part, doesn’t like face-to-face contact, and definitely doesn’t want to be bothered with civil cases. She also is horrible at dating and writes the strangest emails. Think over-sharing with a touch of … whoa.

And yet, with every passing page, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the story and rooting for both Sophie and her client. The entire story is told through correspondence — the emails, memos, notes, briefs and letters exchanged between characters. Rieger does a masterful job of developing characters despite the unique method of unfolding the story.

This is the kind of book worth digging into on a warm spring afternoon, or with a cup of tea on a chilly one. Since it’s told through correspondence, it’s easy to pick it up and read just a little or a lot at a time — depending on what you have time for. And more importantly, it’s just a really great story that explores the complexities of relationships, divorce and parenting from a variety of perspectives.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. Also, I was provided with a digital galley of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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