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Celebrate the Bright Side of Life (Fruttare)


Earlier this week, I noticed a photo on my daughter’s desk. She must have swiped it from a box when we moved last summer. In it, I am 18 and about to head off to my senior prom. My brother, who was just under 2 at the time, is standing in front of me, holding my hands. He was so little, with bright eyes and a coy smile.

I remember that time in my life so vividly.

That summer, everything seemed so bright. My friends and I were all headed off to college. Angel was going to Long Island, Heather to Pittsburgh, Adam to upstate New York and I was city-bound. There were roommates to meet (potential new BFFs?), parties to attend, laughs to have. We were on the precipitous of adulthood — something filled with so much excitement and anticipation.

Most of all, I remember how free I felt. Like anything was possible. And, really, it was. What a magical time …

In the coming weeks and months, my little brother — who now towers over me — will celebrate his high school graduation. He’s headed to a big city for college in the fall, where he’ll study engineering. It’s his turn. This summer, I hope he tastes the freedom that comes with the end of high school — where the world is laid out in front of you, filled with hope and possibility. Because the future? It’s crazy bright.

My family has big plans for this summer. We’ll travel, experience new things, spend time together and create new memories that we’ll cherish all year long (and hopefully longer!). And for my baby brother, it’s that magical time just before college begins when the fresh breeze of hope is everywhere.

I’m excited — and I am so excited for him too. Talk about celebrating the bright side — because it’s all around.

And you can bet that this summer will also be filled with all sorts of delicious foods including some fabulous frozen treats. I mean, it’s a given that we will spend time at the beach and it’s also a given that we will indulge in icy things to make the hot days a little more fabulous. And this all brings me around to frozen fruit bars, one of my favorite summer treats.


About a year ago, my family was introduced to Fruttare, a brand of frozen fruit bars perfect for hot days. And we fell in love. My daughter adores the Fruit and Milk bars, which have a creaminess to them that makes them extra special. She would each the Peach & Milk flavor exclusively, if she could. But Banana & Milk, Coconut & Milk and Strawberry & Milk are too good to pass up. And Will and I love the Fruit and Juice bars, which are a great low-guilt way to enjoy something icy this weekend — and all summer. I’m all for the Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple flavors — and he also loves the slight tart Lime ones too.


As a brand that considers itself synonymous with having a positive look on life, I kind of love everything about them. But really, the Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars — made with real fruit — are totally perfect for those sweltering summer days. And anytime you want that burst of frozen fruit.

Available nationally at retailers like Target (where I found them!), Fruttare is totally worth trying.

What’s exciting in your life right now? I want to hear what has you wanting to celebrate the bright side of life!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Monday 26th of May 2014

I've only had the juice bars I'll keep my eye out for the milk bars.