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A New Look for Sarah’s Cucina Bella

You might have noticed something a little different about SCB lately …

Sarahs Cucina Bella Logo

Sarah’s Cucina Bella has a fresh, new look. Last week, I quietly overhauled the site from top to bottom. I hope you love it.

Nearly 10 years ago, I launched SCB as a place to write about food in an effort to develop a career as a food writer. What happened next will shock you (ha! Sorry — had a BuzzFeed moment there). But seriously, it worked. Over the years, I have developed a voice and cooking style that has helped me take my career to places I never imagined it would.

From Betty Crocker to The TODAY Show website, I’ve written about food for countless web and print publications thanks to this site. What a crazy journey it’s been — but I am so happy I hit publish on that cold November evening in 2005.

Designing A Fresh Look


Now, as we approach a decade of SCB, I wanted the site to have a fresh look that reflects the food and recipes I share here. The logo needed to be something bright, clean and clever, without losing the connection to the past. Like me — and my kids — SCB is growing up.

During the first major redesign of the site in 2008, I sent my designer — Madeline D’Amato of Better in Pink — a photo of a painting in my kitchen. That was part of the inspiration that led to the original pink and black (or was it brown?) logo that SCB had for years. Ironically (or perhaps fittingly), a photo was also a big part of this redesign.

In envisioning the new look, I knew the pear had to stay. Readers have told me over the years how much they like this iconography, and so do I. Why a pear? It represents freshness, something that’s a cornerstone of the recipes I create and the things I write. But the cartoon pear just didn’t seem right anymore. So together with Madeline, who I was so happy to work with again on this logo redesign, I set out to rethink the look with modernity.

Red D'anjou pears 3

I brainstormed ideas and color inspirations and read a lot about logos. There’s a whole psychology behind the colors used in logos, and it’s absolutely fascinating. Then, I hit the grocery store for inspiration. Wandering the produce department, I spotted these red pears with spots of green.  The color combination was perfect for what I was envisioning. Purchasing a few, I decided to photograph them.

Red D'anjou pears 2

When I sent Madeline a few photos for inspiration, she used one of them to create a watercolor rendering.  You’ll notice that the pears in the logo are in the same position as the ones above. That’s because they are an iteration of the photo I took. To have this very personal connection to the new logo — to have it created from something I created — makes this the most special logo SCB has ever had.

I can’t stop smiling.

What Else is New?

In addition to the new logo is a fresh, clean design for SCB. I used the Foodie child theme on the Genesis framework to give SCB is sleeker design that’s easy for readers to navigate. I chose this theme after extensive research for its flexibility and customizability. So far, I am loving it.

I’ve returned to a two column design, which means more room for food on the site and less clutter on the sidebars. Though I am still tweaking things, this shift has brought a renewed focus on what’s important: the food.

You’ll also find a new recipe index. I’ve added categories and made it more visual than ever. You can search, view by category or date or check out the latest recipes in 21 featured categories.

Along with the fresh design is a renewed focus on fresh, quick and easy recipes for families. In the coming months, I will be sharing more easy, healthy dinner options, ideas for packing delicious lunches for on the go and tips for better shopping.

What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design and logo for SCB. Also what would you love to see from the site in the future? What would you love to see me write about?

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