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Summer Birthday Party Essentials

Planning a summer birthday party? Get creative with these tips for a fab summer birthday party. I received compensation from Hood in exchange for writing this post. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

little hand seashells

For Will’s fifth birthday party, he had a beach bash with nearly all of his preschool pals. The blue sky and warm sand was perfect, and the kids built sandcastles and buried each other with glee. Buckets of sand toys and piles of boogie boards kept the kids occupied for hours, digging, building, swimming and more. Coolers packed with sandwiches, drinks and snacks fed the crowd.

I smile just thinking about it.

That’s the fun of summer birthday parties for me: they can be so casual yet so fun. It leaves plenty of room for the kids to dig into their imaginations and enjoy the season as much as the party and their friends.

In a few weeks, Will will turn 10 — Yes, double digits. That has me thinking about how to celebrate and make it extra special..

Summer Birthday Party Essentials

Hoodsie Cups

Shade Matters

Planning your summer birthday party outside? Don’t forget the shade. If you are headed to a park or similar space, look into renting a pavilion (if available) or set up a tent or event umbrellas to offer a shady spot for those who want or need it. And if it’s a hot day, you’ll be especially glad for that space free from the sun’s hot rays to cool down mid-party.

Keep the Drinks Cold

Did you buy enough ice? Buy more. When it comes to summer birthday parties, those drinks need to be sweaty and cold. Always have water available, but juices and even sports drinks can be a good idea too on hot days. Choosing a few different ones to choose from will also add fun to the party while ensuring everyone stays hydrated.

Have Options for Play

sand pails

Sometimes a casual party has a note of planning to it. For our beach party, I had buckets of pails and shovels, as well as other beach toys at the ready. Some other great ideas for summer birthday party fun? Water guns, frisbees and whiffle ball sets.

Beware of Perishable Foods

It’s no secret that on really hot days, perishables can go from yum to making you sick in no time. Keep ’em properly chilled and take them out just before eating. Coolers and lots of ice (or ice packs) will help. But it’s also a good idea to veer more towards delicious, but non-perishable, options too.

Don’t Forget the Cool Treats

Hoodsie Cups for Birthday Celebrations

I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to do during a party is scoop ice cream or cut cake. Instead, break out the Hoodsie Cups and serve ’em up. They can thank you later. And if you want to turn up the volume on your Hoodsie Cups, serve ’em with a selection of toppings like fresh fruit, sprinkles and whipped cream so guests can whip up their own creation.

Back Off

This could be the hardest one. Sure, it’s tempting to get in the thick of things, but backing off will let the kids take the birthday lead — and who knows how much fun that could lead to.

Have a Plan B

Is your party going to be outside? Then don’t forget a plan B because you can never quite predict the weather, can you?

What’s your favorite childhood birthday party memory? Check out Hood’s Best Birthday Ever Pinterest Board for more ideas.

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Thursday 16th of July 2015

Maybe the benefit to living in California is that these tips work year-round!