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20 Halloween Treats to Haunt Your Dreams

20 Halloween Treats Haunt Dreams

The sudden shift from summer to school year, from lazy days to busy schedules and from warmth to, well, not warmth snuck up on me this year, more so then before. In a blink, we’d returned to a life of structure and responsibilities. The kids have tests. There’s homework to do. There are decisions to be made about which activities they should take on … and is it okay to drop a commitment for something they want to do more?

And now, here we are. Halloween is a mere eight days away. The decorations are still nestled in the purple tote in the basement. Costume decisions are far from being made. And nothing orange and black has come from the kitchen … yet.

I am feeling a little haunted by my inattention to Halloween, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays. But I won’t let it get me down. No, let’s hop right into the spirit now … with 20 spooky recipes perfect for your Halloween celebration. It’s not too late yet. Really.

And while you drool over these, I am going to dig out that tote.

Easy Banana Pudding Pie on the Go (And a DIY Pudding Pie on the Go Bar)
Easy DIY Fairy Costume


Wednesday 28th of October 2015

We've been totally late on everything decorating this year for Halloween. I still haven't carved my pumpkin!