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Making Pesto the Old-Fashioned Way

Basil. Garlic. Olive oil. Pine nuts. Parmesan. These are the makings of a fabulous, wonderful, delicious pesto — and believe me, I adore pesto. It’s fabulous on so many things: pasta, sandwiches, baked potatoes, whatever. When it comes to making pesto, I have always been a food processor girl. Seriously. Every pesto I have ever …

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Grilled Island Chicken Recipe

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in my home office, with The Beach Boys’ Sounds Of Summer playing in the background. Outside my open windows are a brilliant blue sky, bright sunlight and the sound of laughing children. It’s enough to make you throw open your arms and yell Welcome, springtime. This is weather that just …

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Healthifying My Life Update

This week, I was featured on MomTrends as part of the site’s Fit Mom series. When I received the email from Nicole Feliciano, who writes MomTrends, that my profile was up, I was a little giddy. Not only did Nicole say some nice things, but it was an amazing feeling to show off my successful …

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Spicy Pastrami, Bacon, Swiss Wrap

A local deli makes this massive, delightful sandwich called Amanda’s Big Mouth. It’s pastrami, cheddar, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce and thousand island dressing (I skip the dressing)—and it’s amazing. It’s the kind of sandwich you eat when you are starving … or when you just want something amazing when you are enjoying a …

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