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An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dearest Mother Nature, I am a big fan of your work–Brandywine tomatoes? Genius! Basil, rosemary and lavender? Amazing. Tulips, lilacs and forsythia? Lovely. So, it’s with the deepest appreciation that I write to you. Really, I think you are great at your job. But recently, I’ve been really concerned. You’re erratic behavior lately has me …

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Outraged Yet? I am.

We should be outraged. Gas has risen from the mid-$2 range one year ago to the mid-$4 range now. Ten years ago, gas hovered at the $1 mark. My, how things change. When I bought my car, $10 got me almost a full tank. Now, it gets me barely two gallons. Blame it on whomever …

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A Look Inside My Fridge

Last week, Sweetnicks posed a challenge to the blogging world. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she said. So Cate, here it is in all it’s messy glory (geez, I think I need to go organize my fridge now). Three things that are ALWAYS in my fridge: Salsa Barbecue sauce Cheese Three …

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