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What Coaching Soccer Taught Me

“Hi, Coach!” A girl with arrow-straight brown hair cut into a bob smiled broadly at me. I was manning a table at an event. She was attending with her family, and she was talking to me: her soccer coach. Of the many titles I’ve accumulated in life, “coach” was one of the most unexpected for me. …

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Summer Birthday Party Essentials

Planning a summer birthday party? Get creative with these tips for a fab summer birthday party. I received compensation from Hood in exchange for writing this post. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. For Will’s fifth birthday party, he had a beach bash with nearly all of his preschool pals. …

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Library Time

Fun at the Library

I discovered the library one summer when I was a little girl. My voracious appetite for reading had grown so much that buying books just didn’t make sense. I read them too quickly and then craved more instantly (a good problem to have, as Cate says). So, my grandmother began taking me to the library …

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A Good End to the Week

When the kids stepped off the bus on Friday, I was waiting at the end of our driveway in the car. It wasn’t crazy cold or raining — two things that typically lead me to wait in the shelter of the car. Instead, I wanted to be ready to roll when they arrived. I couldn’t …

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