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New england cuisine

Slow Cooker Ratatouille

When the Disney movie Ratatouille came out, I wondered what on Earth could be so special about ratatouille. It sounds like it could be a pasta dish, though it isn’t, so I was picturing a rotini with squash or something. As it turns out, the results were better than i imagined they would be. Paige …

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Kale Pesto Recipe

Kale Pesto Recipe

A few years ago, Will was the kid on the beach afraid to leave his little chair and get his toes sandy. He used to scream about it being dirty. But children grow and change. Yesterday I watched at a distance as Will studied the periwinkles, hermit crabs and minnows that inhabit the tidal pools …

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Crispy Roasted Kale

Crispy Roasted Kale

I should have taken a picture of Paige. I really should have. She enjoyed the papery, thin, crispy bits of kale I gave her … but since it was papery, thin and crispy, it also broke apart very easily. That meant green specks everywhere — in her hair, on her hands, in her diaper . …

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Sauteed Spring Onions

Mmmm. The first fresh vegetables of late spring. These spring onions popped up at the farmer’s market a little over a week ago. They just looked so delicious (should have taken a pic!). Rather than try to use all in salads, salsas and other condiments, I decided to try something different: cooking them so that …

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Roasted Parmesan Leeks

In the past, when I have bought leeks, they have sat in my refrigerator until they turned brown, moldy and emitted a disgusting juice that my husband would clean up. That’s the not-so-pretty truth. I’ve wanted to try them, have bought them and then haven’t done a thing with them. Sad, but true. Until now, …

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Italian Panko Steak Recipe

Maybe it’s a sign of the times or something. When I was grocery shopping recently, I picked up a box of Panko crumbs and bought them. Only later did I realize that they were in fact Italian panko. Italian panko?!? They lacked the light texture of regular Japanese panko and were considerably larger, thicker, etc. …

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