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New england cuisine

Beer Steamed Clams

Beer Steamed Clams

Last week, we relaxed by the Connecticut shoreline. It’s something I have done summer after summer since I was a baby. And it’s something that I hope Will looks back on with fond memories when he’s an adult, just like I do. Some things have changed since childhood though. For instance, whereas my grandmother used …

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Stuffed Basil Omelet

This week has just zipped by so I am already looking towards the weekend, which means time for Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted by Kalyn’s Kitchen. WHB was on the road last week, but it’s back home with Kalyn this week. Next week, Sweetnicks will be playing host though. This week I reverted to my favorite …

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Grilled Garlic Grape Tomatoes

Yes, my obsession with the grill continues . . . These lovely grape tomatoes were $1 for the pint at my local Big Y supermarket this week (sorry to all the Eat Local bloggers, farm markets here have yet to open. In fact, most aren’t opening until late June/early July.) In any case, I decided …

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Grilled Baby Corn

This is a no-recipe recipe! Grilled Baby Corn is a smoky, warm, tender foil-packet side dish. Try it on your grill tonight! I’ve been admiring the baby vegetables in the produce section of my local supermarket recently and finally gave into the temptation this past week, picking up a pack of fresh baby corn. I …

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Crepes Recipe

Thin, filling-ready crepes are easy to whip up with this easy crepes recipe. If you’ve ever had crepes from a street vendor in Paris, you’ll swoon for these. On Mother’s Day morning I decided to treat myself by making a special breakfast: crepes. I’ve never made them before so it really was a trial and …

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Fiddlehead Greens Salad

Fiddlehead greens are the edible grow of the ostrich fern, ripe from late April to early June in the Northeast. Enjoy them in this Fiddlehead Greens Salad. I was wandering the produce section of a local supermarket … I do that a lot … and came across these interesting greens right next to the sugar …

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Beet Greens Bruschetta Recipe

Don’t toss your beet greens! The leafy pieces on the top of stems of fresh beets are delicious — and perfect in this easy Beet Greens Bruschetta recipe. Do you love beets as much as we do? When whipping up delicious beet recipes like Glazed Beets, be sure to save your beet greens for later. …

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