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Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli Ragu

This photo doesn’t do the dish justice. I love mixing a tomato sauce with broccoli. And when it’s lightly roasted broccoli like you find in this recipe, it’s all the better. Roasting broccoli brings out a great, lightly sweet flavor in it. Will and Paige gobbled this up. (This is part of The $7 Dinner …

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Sundried Tomato Oregano Pasta

Happy birthday, Weekend Herb Blogging! Weekend Herb Blogging is celebrating its second birthday this weekend. Creator Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen has challenged bloggers to incorporate an herb and a veggie into a dish for this weekend’s roundup. I have to admit, mine doesn’t quite fit the bill though since tomatoes are a fruit, not a …

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How to Make a Big Batch of Two Day Roasted Tomato Sauce to Store for the Winter

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! When I bought the 10 pounds of seconds tomatoes last weekend, I was worried that my ultimate goal of transforming them into a succulent sauce was, well, a bit lofty. But, fortunately, the plan worked like a charm and I was able to use my small batch process on a much larger …

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Kitchen Sink Mai Fun

Growing up, meals were pretty simple. My grandmother favored menus with fewer ingredients and less fuss. Pork chops cooked in sauerkraut, or bratwurst, knackwurst or any wurst for that matter, were favorites. Sometimes we’d have lamb chops or a simple beef stroganoff (did I spell that right?). But if were really lucky, she would spend …

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