Sarah W. Caron is available for interviews on topics including home cooking, stocking the pantry, raising healthy kids, feeding children, New England cookery and family dinners. She is also able to speak on food blogging, food trends, social media and being a freelance writer. Contact her via email at Sarah@sarahscucinabellaDOTcom.

Recent Press Mentions

Stock Your Fridge with This,” BodyChecklist, January 2012

  • Excerpt: “Blueberries in particular are very good for you and are loaded with antioxidants. Sarah W. Caron of Sarah’s Cucina Bella recommends you, “Toss them in smoothies, oatmeal and even baked goods.”

The Big Waste on Food Network Tackles Food Waste Problem in America,” Diets in Review, January 2012

  • Excerpt: “Food writer Sarah Caron freezes meat and vegetable scraps for stock, soups and stews. “For example, broccoli stems, which a lot of people would otherwise throw away, can be used in soup,” said Caron.”

Missy Chase Lapine’s Speedy Sneaky Chef Sends the Wrong Message,” Diets in Review, December 2011

  • Excerpt: “It’s very important to me that my children like foods for what they are,” said Sarah Caron, food writer at Sarah’s Cucina Bella.  “[They eat] produce raw, steamed, roasted and a dozen other ways. For some parents, sneaking nutrients in [to kids’ food] can give them peace of mind, but I think parents should encourage kids to have an open mind about food first and foremost.”

10 Simple Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner,” Main St, November 2011

  • Excerpt: “One pomegranate yields enough arils to make a great side dish like asparagus with pomegranate, toasted walnuts and blue cheese and also an awesome autumn salad,” says Sarah W. Caron, who runs the food blog Sarah’s Cucina Bella. She points out that the also-pricey blue cheese can be put in the salad as well.

Black Friday Backlash: Early Openings a Blessing and a Curse,” CNN Money, November 2011.

  • Excerpt: “I used to love shopping on Black Friday,” said Sarah Caron, 31, “but the earlier hours — or worse, opening on Thanksgiving — have been a complete turnoff to me. That takes people away from their families on a day that should be all about family.”

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