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Can You Learn To Be Organized?

When it comes to my work, I am a master of organization. My prop cabinet has shelves organized by prop type (linen, bowl, accessories, etc). My computer files are divided into folders by type and client. I have spreadsheets for tracking everything from social media stats to income. They are up-to-date, and constantly monitored, to …

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Thoughts on Revamping a Kitchen

When my husband and I bought our house more than eight years ago, the first room we updated was the kitchen. The old kitchen was fine. It was okay. But we had a vision for something better than okay — something that didn’t involve the industrial linoleum tile flooring and boring basic white appliances. Our …

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Returning to the Cottage

The Cottage is my family’s home on the Connecticut shoreline. Earlier this month, I drove down, full of anticipation. The first visit is always hard — the one after tenants move out. No matter how wonderful the tenants were, there is always a feeling of unsettlement. The cleaning fluids under the sink are all wrong. …

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My Spending Diet: Week One

Let me run you through a normal week in my eating life: Saturday: Glance through cooking magazines, cookbooks and notebooks to try to decide what to make this week. Ignore all of it and make a rudimentary meal plan … write a grocery list, trying to remember everything I need. Go grocery shopping with the …

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An Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dearest Mother Nature, I am a big fan of your work–Brandywine tomatoes? Genius! Basil, rosemary and lavender? Amazing. Tulips, lilacs and forsythia? Lovely. So, it’s with the deepest appreciation that I write to you. Really, I think you are great at your job. But recently, I’ve been really concerned. You’re erratic behavior lately has me …

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Kitchen Disasters Revealed

A homemade hot fudge sundae. Sounds totally yum, right? Well, some times, things are not as good as they appear. Homemade hot fudge, delicious vanilla ice cream, some cookie crumbles. Except one thing … the hot fudge instantly hardened. And I am not talking in a good way. It became a supersized Tootsie Roll-like … …

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