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Are You a Mac or a PC?

My whole life, I have been a PC. When my company transitioned to Macs a few years back, I was a hold out — refusing to give up my PC until they forcibly removed it. I was devastated, even though the shiny new Mac was really pretty. Yes, I said pretty. But now, with my …

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Back from BlogHer 2010

When the email arrived months ago, inviting me to speak at the BlogHer 2010 Conference in New York, I could barely contain my excitement. Speaking at a conference full of passionate female bloggers on a subject that’s near and dear to my heart (raising kids who eat good food) in my city – my very …

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Expanding My Horizons

A few months back, I ran into a writer/editor friend of mine while in the city for a training. I was learning how to use a new CMS for a client; she was freelancing as an editor for the same client. When we chatted, she said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were a techy!” …

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Social Media is Ruining Our Relationships

That New York Times Thing

When I heard about the now-infamous New York Times Style section article about so-called mommy bloggers at Bloggy Boot Camp, I located it and read it. The tweets and Facebook statuses that I read were so put-off by it that I just had to. Honestly, I expected that it would be a critical look at …

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Leading the Lede

Writing a lede is like walking a tight rope: you have one shot to place one foot in front of the other and make it across … otherwise, it’s certain death. Dramatic? Yes. True? Absolutely. Quite simply, without a good lede, you may never have  a reader dig any deeper into what you are writing. …

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Write What You Know

I used to hate when people would say that a good writer writes what they know. What did I know? At 20, I went to work for a New York publishing house … that published directories of influential people. Not very exciting. Months later at 21, I left to write for a tiny newspaper in …

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