10 Things I Learned At Will’s First Day of Soccer


1. Bring water. In a bottle. To drink.

2. Bring more water for your other child, who will want some too.

3. Make sure that the umbrella chairs in your trunk are accessible.

4. Camera? Definitely ok. Cell phone? Totally okay too.

5. He will beam when you tell him he did a great job. Tell him again and again.

6. The uniform really was optional. And good thing. This outfit was so much better.

7. It’s okay to be a little envious of the girl with the shiny pink soccer ball.

8. The pro-mom (you know, the one who’s done this half a dozen times) will work the field of parents. That’s okay.

9. Bring something for the little one to do … otherwise she will spend an hour ripping grass out of the ground. That’s messy.

10. Follow pro-mom’s lead and talk to anyone and everyone. That one is harder than it sounds.


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    Sounds like you learned quite a lot from the first day! :) Definitely bring a bag full of “stuff” for your little one to do… my youngest was known for eating for an hour straight when the oldest was first doing soccer! Then we moved on to small coloring books and crayons. Definitely, try to chat w/the other parents… makes play dates much easier to plan!

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    lol, too funny. I keep a drawstring bag in the car with Nick’s uniform, soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, and extra bottles of water. That way nothing gets lost or forgotten. Glad to hear Will (and you!) had a good first day!

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