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Young Children in the Kitchen

Ever since Will was just a tiny baby, I wanted him to be involved in the kitchen. But when I cook, it’s on heated burners and in hot ovens. And prep-work often involves razor-sharp knives, so it’s not always that safe.

That’s why involving young kids in the kitchen is an outside of the box activity. They can’t stir over the hot stove or chop an onion, but they sure can pour ingredients from measuring cups and locate ingredients in the cupboard. If it’s something important to you, it’s about making it work.

How To Involve Young Children in the Kitchen:

  • Young children can play with spoons, bowls and other gear.
  • Toddlers can “spin” salad to remove water in a Salad Spinner.
  • Toddlers and up can help put lettuce, tomatoes, etc in bowls for salad — though beware: sometimes your veggies might disappear before they make it to the salads
  • Preschool age kids are great helpers for stirring and adding ingredients. Ask them to pour the oil or sugar into your Kitchen Aid (while it’s off, of course!).
  • Kids old enough to follow simple directions can also help decorate cupcakes, cookies and cakes with little candies


Saturday 4th of October 2008

Don't forget podding peas and blanching almonds! I definitely started doing that when I was about 5.

Cate O'Malley

Monday 22nd of September 2008

Cute photo! We have good taste in mixers - I have the same color; only problem is that it matched the kitchen better in the old house. Methinks that's a good reason for a new one for Christmas. ;)

Mind Mart

Sunday 21st of September 2008

I see cooking classes for kids popping up all over the place--and it's a great idea.