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A Tale of Two Thanksgivings (Thanksgiving 2010)

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we ate but didn’t feast — at least not in the fork-to-mouth sort of way. But we did feast in the beauty of our tropical surroundings. It was bliss.

When we returned to Connecticut, we prepared for the other kind of feast — the traditional one had at Thanksgiving. And on Sunday, we had a feast of food. It was bliss.

While away, we spent much time playing in the sand, building castles and tearing them down. The soft, warm sand was molded into pretend feasts, imaginary creatures and more. And when we grew tired of it, we retreated to the cool ocean waters or the warm pool.

We waited until Sunday to enjoy turkey and the fixin’s so that we could celebrate as a family. After all, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is about? Family. So, one day after returning, Shawn and I whipped up a spread that rivaled other years. Short planning time or not, we did it up.

On Thanksgiving Day, we ate pork and canned corn. A salad too. That night, as every other night, we settled in after dark on the balcony and listened to the roar of the Atlanta and watched the airplanes fly overhead while waves crashed below.

This year, we were privileged to have two Thanksgivings. We are grateful … I am grateful — for family, friends, food, pursuing my dreams, happiness, health and so much more. I am grateful. What are you grateful for?


Thursday 2nd of December 2010

Mmm everything looks great! Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving!