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A Taste of Marzetti Simply Dressed Caesar Dressing

There are no less than six kinds of salad dressing in my fridge right now. We love salad (my six-year-old son took it to school today for lunch happily —  it’s his favorite). They range from creamy ones that my kids adore to four kinds of vinaigrette, which I love. The problem is finding ones that taste the way I want them to. I am notoriously picky about salad dressing flavors, so I’m on a constant hunt for ones that I love and fit my wants (pronounceable ingredients, for instance). It’s hard.

Recently, I was asked to try and review Marzetti’s new Simply Dressed salad dressing here on Sarah’s Cucina Bella. I am familiar with the Marzetti brand — my husband loves their jars of blue cheese. But this new line seems tailor made for me: simple ingredients, good flavors … and fresh. But would I like it?

I ended up going simple with my choice of which dressing to try: Caesar. Though there’s a big variety available from the Simply Dressed line, I chose to try Caesar since it’s a classic that I would love to have a ready-made version favorite. I often make my own Caesar dressing because I don’t think many bottled ones are very good. So, if I liked this one it would really mean something big.

The first thing I noticed about Marzetti Simply Dressed was how ridiculously hard it was to open the bottle for the first time. At one point, I nearly threw in the towel because the lid just wasn’t budging. In the end, I had to run the top under warm water and it finally moved. Fortunately, the problem was only when I opened it for the first time. Also, the bottle is made of plastic — not glass like the Marzetti dressings I am used to. I would have preferred glass.

All of that aside, the flavor is what matters most. And guess what? I loved this. The flavor was perfect — nuanced and balanced, as it should be, without an unnecessary whack of acidity that I have found with some bottled Caesars. Also, the creaminess? It was just right. A little goes a long way too. I found that one tablespoon was enough to dress a whole lunch-size salad.

It was perfect on my Loaded Caesar Salad — so perfect, in fact, that I ate it two days in a row. I never do that with any salad or dressing. If I wasn’t out of lettuce, I would have another right now.

And yes, I will be buying this again. For sure.

I was one of the bloggers selected by T. Marzetti Company and Clever Girls Collective to host a Marzetti Simply Dressed review. They provided me with product to test myself and compensation for my time. However, my opinions are entirely my own.


Sunday 26th of January 2014

Strawberry Poppyseed is fantastic. Sometimes it's sold out so when it is available I make sure to buy immediately. Enjoy


Sunday 2nd of December 2012

Can't get it open. Tried hot water, special grips

Sarah W. Caron

Sunday 2nd of December 2012

That's definitely a downside to it ... good luck!

C. Cook

Monday 9th of April 2012

Thanks so much for the bottle opening tip! I was ready to throw the bottle out but checked the internet first to see if there was a solution. Running the bottle under warm water works!!


Monday 12th of December 2011

I love salad, but we rarely branch out from our standard salad dressing.


Saturday 10th of December 2011

I'm reviewing these next week and I, uh...still haven't quite decided which one to try. :P The Caesar sounds great! if it compares to homemade then it must be a keeper!