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DIY Birdhouse Candy Dish

There’s isn’t enough crafting going on in my house. The fact is that although the kids and I enjoy making things, that usually falls closer to priority ‘z’ in our lives. Frankly, it’s hard to decide to craft when the dishwasher is begging to be loaded and the vacuum needs a good running and have you seen the porch? Cause it totally needs to be sanded and repainted.

But there’s so much more to life than these responsibilities. They are important and can’t be ignored, but all the same sometimes you have to put aside the chores for fun. I am trying to do that more. The kids need it — and so do I.

We were in the craft store, buying supplies for a serving tray craft that I was working on. Then I spotted it: the picture of a birdhouse-turned-candy-dish. I showed the kids, and it was agreed that it had to be made.

Supplies needed? The birdhouse, paint, brushes that I was already buying and a sheet of beach themed words for affixing to the roof. We’d taken the idea provided and totally made it our own (the original was primary colors and lacked the beachy sensibility).

Once home, my sister took the lead and worked with my daughter to delicately paint all the details.

Then, cut pieces of the scrapbook paper to fit the roof and apply with Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids. You’ll also want to paint over the paint and scrapbook paper with Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids to seal it all in.

Then fill with candy and enjoy. Wouldn’t a whole bunch of these hung on a low tree make an exceptional dessert bar for an outdoor party? That would be kind of awesome.

What’s your favorite candy for the candy dish?

DIY Birdhouse Candy Dish

What you need:

  • 1 wood birdhouse (unfinished) with large openings
  • paint, as desired
  • paintbrushes
  • 1 sheet scrapbook paper, as desired
  • Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids
  • 2 foam brushes


  1. Set out newspaper or plastic bags on a working surface to protect it. Pour paint into a disposable plate. Paint the birdhouse as desired all over, applying second coats as needed.
  2. Once the paint is dry, use the Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids to affix the scrapbook paper to the roof, cutting as needed. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Paint over the roof and wood areas of the birdhouse with Mod Podge ® Wash Out For Kids (you may want to do a few coats). Let dry completely.
  4. Fill with candy and enjoy!

Disclosure: Mod Podge provided me with product for an assignment on Sarah’s Cucina Bella, and I used it to make this project too. I wasn’t asked to post this or paid to do so. I’m simply sharing because I am kind of in love with Mod Podge. All opinions are my own.