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BlogHer 2012 Conference in Pictures

The BlogHer 2012 Conference was held in New York at the Hilton. The stage was a vision in purples and blues — nicely done!

This is where my journey started, hours earlier. I took the train from Connecticut at a time when normally I would still be in bed. But the early wake up was so worth it!

The last time I was at BlogHer, I skipped the milk mustache photo taking. But this time? Well, how could I resist these adorable milkmen? This booth was for The Breakfast Project.

I snapped this pic after being wowed by the size of this cheese wheel and Instagrammed it right away. Later, when I met friends for drinks, their first question was “What kind of cheese was that?!?” I’m pretty sure it was parmigiano reggiano pecorino romano (cough, it says so on the side of the wheel).

I sang Call Me Maybe out loud at the Hasbro party. There were all sorts of games and activities there and lots of lovely ladies (and gents!). Thanks to Hasbro for inviting me!

Ahh, Saturday morning. I woke up to this view. Nice, right?

Dannon was kind enough to invite me for their Healthy Start Breakfast. It involved a lot of yogurt, which is a great and healthy breakfast food. My kids love the Dannon Danimals line.

At the Dannon Healthy Start Breakfast, Chef Amanda Cook showed us how to make a few of her yogurt recipes — including some amazing muffins.

We also got to try the new Activia Breakfast Blends. Mmm!

Paula Gregorowicz moderated the When It’s Time To Spend Money to Market Your Work Panel, which I spoke on with Lyz Lenz and Alli Worthington. So glad I was asked to speak about this topic!

The kids and I loved The Lorax movie, so I just had to snap a pic with him. Can’t wait to buy the movie so that we can watch it again (and again and again and again).

When I saw the Kikkoman bottle walk by, I had to get a photo. I thought for a minute and then took off after her so I could get my picture taken. So, yes, I stalked the Kikkoman bottle. Fun.

Lisa Stone of BlogHer had the privilege of interviewing Katie Couric at lunch on Saturday. She was amazing, and spoke about motherhood, career, grief and so much more.

The big screens let everyone have a clear view of Katie Couric as she spoke. She truly has a smile that lights up a room. Someday, I would love to interview Katie Couric myself.

I captured this photo while waiting for the How to Price and Value Your Services session to start, and I feel like it really captured the feeling of the conference. There was so much love and generosity going on. This is Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco and Monica Barnett with someone who was really excited to see them.

Do you know Jenny from The NY Melrose Family? If not, check her out. She’s a creative teacher mama who isn’t afraid to wield fondant. (Little known fact: she and I went to high school together.) It was really fun seeing her.

I had the privilege of interviewing Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader’s Digest and author of The Digest Diet. More on that later this week.

I didn’t really plan to drop by the Hillshire Farm’s booth, but their creations smelled so good I couldn’t resist. Chefs were whipping up made to order stirfry dishes using Hillshire Farm’s sausages. I tried the Chicken and Apple one and it was delicious with tri-colored peppers and onions over wild rice.

This is the chef who whipped up my dish. I failed to ask his name, but he was telling me about his experiences cooking for large groups — including cooking rice for thousands. Loved to hear that Hillshire Farm brought in real chefs for the event.

The last thing I did at BlogHer was board a bonafide school bus to go to the Lands’ End Back to School Event (check out Sarah by the Sea for more on that). This bus brought back such memories.

There was a little cooking demo at the Lands’ End event where a celeb chef whipped up some creative lunchbox dishes (loved the avocado salad he made). But who was this?

Why, it’s Sam Talbot from Top Chef! He was very nice and happily answered any questions thrown his way. MomTrends did a lovely job with this event.


Tuesday 7th of August 2012

You're so lucky to have been a train ride away!


Monday 6th of August 2012

Love that they took you to the event in a school bus. Also Sam Talbot!! Jealous!! and lastly - the Kikkoman bottle picture. So glad you tracked her down and got a picture haha

Sarah W. Caron

Monday 6th of August 2012

He is even cuter in person than he was on TV. Just sayin'.

Mutant Supermodel

Monday 6th of August 2012

How fun! BlogHer is on my One Day list

Sarah W. Caron

Monday 6th of August 2012

You know, it was really great this year (probably because I went in knowing what I wanted out of it). But generally, I love smaller conferences more because of the opportunity to meet other bloggers and the brands and really get to know them.

Cate O'Malley

Monday 6th of August 2012

Sounds like you had an awesome time!

Sarah W. Caron

Monday 6th of August 2012

I had a great time, Cate! Missed you though. We should really do a conference together (again) sometime.