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Celebrating Summer with a Childhood Throwback: Fla-Vor-Ice

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jel Sert for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Between you and I and the computer screen, I secretly smile everytime my kids ask for an ice pop. I have wonderful memories of enjoying ice pops as a girl — especially the Fla-Vor-Ice ones.

My summer friends and I would have long warm days filled with ride bikes, play on the beach and have fun, and on some lucky afternoons we would sit on the front porch stairs of my family’s home, squeezing the icy sweet goodness of Fla-Vor-Ice into our mouths. The cool treat would inevitably get all over our fingers, leaving them sticky and bathed in color.

We didn’t care. Do kids ever care about the stickiness that comes with childhood?

A few years ago, I spotted Fla-Vor-Ice in the grocery store and bought it for my own kids. They promptly fell in love, and started requesting it often. And like my friends and I during my childhood, they love to sit with their friends, squeezing the ice into their mouths and lettng the sticky juices fall where they may. There was one spring afternoon a few months back, where my kids and their cousins came running requesting ice pops.

Big smiles all around.

It’s summer. It’s childhood. These are the things memories are made of. And I love that my kids can find such joy in simple things — like this.

My kids don’t know it (ha!) but I love the red and blue ices as much as they do. In fact, sometimes I still will have one. There’s much to be said about the joy of nostalgic foods like that.


Tuesday 20th of August 2013

I never had Fla-vor-ice's growing up, we were welch's and minute maid poppers in my house. But the similar Otter-Pops got me through labor!

Sarah W. Caron

Wednesday 21st of August 2013

Really? Ha!