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These Unique Cheese Pairings Will Help You Unwind

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Need a moment to breathe and unwind? Grab a SANPELLEGRINO® Momenti and arrange perfect, unique cheese pairings for a quick snack.

When I come home from work, sometimes I just need a moment. A breather. A period of time to unwind from my workday before launching into the tasks of the evening: catching up with my kids, overseeing homework, checking schedules for the next day, grading papers, writing, picking up around the house, making dinner, making sure chores get done … you get the idea.

As a single mother, I am the ringmaster, the house secretary, the chauffeur, the keeper of schedules, the overseer of responsibilities, the celebrator, the discipliner, the appointment maker and … well, everything that comes with day-to-day life. Strangely (or perhaps not that strangely) my office life as an editor is pretty similar — minus the chauffeur part. Plus I also teach, write, blog and author books.

So that moment when I come home — the one where I unwind and take a breath between thing — is essential for me. It’s like a reset button on my day.

And when I am taking that breather, it’s nice to have a refreshing drink and satisfying snack to enjoy. Cue the SANPELLEGRINO® Momenti and unique cheese pairings!

How to pair SANPELLEGRINO® Momenti with cheese

These this tasty Mediterranean citrus drinks with less than 40 calories per can are perfect for enjoying with charcuterie and cheese.

SANPELLEGRINO Momenti Clementine & Peach

  • Creamy, milder cheeses pair best with this flavor such as fresh mozzarella, burrata or ricotta.
  • Serve them with good crackers (I like thicker, crunchier ones with mozzarella) or crostini
  • Prosciutto is always good with fresh mozzarella and burrata. So is fresh basil.

SANPELLEGRINO Momenti Pomegranate & Blackcurrant

  • Rich and creamy cheeses pair best with this flavor such as triple cream brie, camembert, Camberzola or Fromage d’Affinois. A flavored goat cheese would work as well.
  • Big but lighter textured crackers are best with this pairing. They shouldn’t be strongly flavored (you don’t want them to compete with the cheese).
  • Serve this with fig spread or raspberry preserves (apricot preserves works too).

SANPELLEGRINO Momenti Lemon & Red Raspberry

  • Choose a briny cheese like feta or halloumi (grill the halloumi, if you go that route) or a bold cheese is pecorino romano or aged gouda for this pairing.
  • Your favorite crackers will work here — whatever they are.
  • Try serving this with sausage or other similar meats and fruit like raspberries or blackberries.

A sip to brighten your day

Hover over the image above to shop for SANPELLEGRINO Momenti at your local Walmart.

SANPELLEGRINO Momenti combines real fruit juice and carbonated water. It’s refreshing and bubbly and perfect for enjoying in those moments when you need a breather to revive and brighten before going on with your day.

Plus, it’s a good alternative to traditional soft drinks.

Now available at Walmart and (they’re brand new!), SANPELLEGRINO Momenti is a sparkling fruit drink that comes in three flavors — all with no added sugar and only 35 calories per can. This is perfect to enjoy when you want something bubbly and flavorful like soda without the calories and added sugar.

More than Cheese Pairings

Of course, unwinding isn’t just about having a light and refreshing snack and drink, it’s about giving my brain a chance to shift between work and home. While it’s tempting to scroll through my phone mindlessly during this time, grabbing a good book does a better job of having that mental shift happen.

I read a lot and often have any books going — nonfiction, historical fiction, graphic novels, literary fiction, YA, middle grade, I love them all.

Have you checked out the books I’ve read this year? I’ve been keeping track and writing mini reviews of them all. Any suggestions for books that should be added to my TBR pile?


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

These look like the perfect summer drink to throw in a bag or picnic basket.