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How to Package Homemade Holiday Treats

One of my favorite things to do every holiday season is to make tons and tons of treats to give to my friends and family. I literally spend days baking, and love every second of it. I typically will place each type of treat in its own treat bag and then put them all into a larger basket. But there are many ways you can package things for smaller and larger gifts.

Here’s a few ideas:

Package Holiday Treats: Boxes/Tins

Use for brownies and cookies. Wrap them in parchment or place in a sealed bag before putting into the box or tin. This is best if you are giving one type of treat. (Shown: Ikea, $2.99 for a set of three)

Package Holiday Treats: Treat Bags

Use for cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, scones or even small loaves of bread. Some candies could also be contained in treat bags. Tie with a pretty ribbon or seal with a nice metallic sticker. These are best for holiday party favors or for packaging inside a larger basket or bag. (Shown: Michael’s, price varies)

Package Holiday Treats: Buckets/Baskets

Use for small cookies, chocolate covered pretzels or candies that are sealed in treat bags. Tie a ribbon around the top of the bucket. Use larger baskets for a mix of treats such as several types of cookies and confections. Buckets are best for gifting one type of treat in a smaller portion.  (Shown: Target, $1)

Package Holiday Treats: Ribbons

Use to dress up treat bags, baskets, buckets and cookie jars. Thin ribbons are best for treat bags, while medium to wider ribbons can be a nice touch for buckets and baskets. (Shown: Michael’s and Target, prices vary)

How do you package your holiday treats?


Monday 14th of December 2009

Creative packaging makes all the difference. Cute ideas!! Happy Holidays!