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Start The Year Off Right Dr. Oz on Budget-Friendly Healthy Eating

Dr. Oz shares great budget-friendly healthy eating tips that are perfect for your New Year’s Resolutions — or any time.

Happy New Year!

This year, I plan to focus even more heavily on healthy living and raising a healthy family. If we take care of our bodies, then we can live longer and happier, and who doesn’t want that? So I am hoping you, my dear readers, will indulge me as I feature occasional tips and interview tidbits from notable health experts. Please?

First up: Advice from Dr. Oz.

I was asked recently to participate in a press conference call with Dr. Mehmet Oz (yes, that Dr. Oz. I am a big fan of his). Sure, the call was in the middle of a day when I had a bazillion deadlines, but it was a small sacrifice. The topic? New Year, New You – particularly focusing on healthy living. So, I jumped on the call and asked about healthy eating on a budget.

His response was really interesting.

Buy in Bulk as a Group – Dr. Oz suggests that families band together and shop in bulk for staples like grains. He said that people should “find a large vendor somewhere near them where they can go and buy their staples and buy them in bulk.” This strategy removes the costs of marketing and packaging that can drive consumer prices up.

I loved that idea.

Join a CSA for Vegetables – Buying vegetables from farmers’ markets can be costly (not always, but in some areas, that is definitely true). Dr. Oz advises that people join a consortium with a farm, like a Community Supported Agriculture program. Through these programs, people buy a share in a farmer’s crops, supplying money for seeds and other costs of farming and getting boxes of produce in return.

“Farmers are cash poor, consumers are food poor,” Dr. Oz pointed out, so this relationship is mutually beneficial — people get freshly grown produce for cheap while the farmers get the capital they need to get their farm running in the spring.

Losing Weight? Remember to cut yourself some slack, since everyone slips up sometimes.

“The question isn’t whether you will fail – It is how you will deal with your failure.” – Dr. Oz

Are you a Dr. Oz fan? His television show, The Dr. Oz Show, will have a healthy living focus to kick off the New Year. On January 4, the show will feature Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet. And on January 5, it will feature a 28-day Detox Diet. Check your local listings for showtimes and channels.

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Friday 8th of January 2010

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Lori @ RecipeGirl

Saturday 2nd of January 2010

Terrific post. I love Dr. Oz. I can't believe you got to ask him a question!! I'll definitely be watching those shows.