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Raising a Healthy Family: Develop Your Own Filter

As part of my job, I spend a lot of time interviewing people. Lately, that has meant conversations with chefs, authors of eating-related books, nutritionists … people who are trying to help Americans live better, healthier lives. I am so passionate about this that I even devote space here every Friday to share nuggets of information about how you can raise a healthy family.

There are so many people who are passionate about healthy living, and they all have something valuable to offer. Some share wonderful healthy recipes, others educate about important health issues. Some have credentials in nutrition, some have life experience.

My purpose with Raising a Healthy Family is to gather this valuable information and pass it along to you. But here’s the thing: I want you to learn new things here and absorb these perspectives. At the same time, I also want you to make your own conclusions.

If every single expert was 100 percent right about everything for everyone, then there would be one singular message to pass along. Raising a Healthy Family would be one single post and it would be easy to convey the message and get people to listen. That obviously isn’t the case.

That also doesn’t mean the information isn’t right – it just might not be exactly right for your point of view right now. Different information pertains to different sectors. For instance, the nutritional advice for a pre-diabetic is not the same as someone who suffers from high cholesterol. Different circumstances mean different needs. Likewise, different professionals come at healthy living from different perspectives.

So, how do you develop your own filter? Learn the facts for your situation. There are certain truths that pertain to whatever your health perspective is. Understand that there are always things you can change and some things are universal. Apply your truths to the information you receive. Make educated decisions. Always keep learning.