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Cooking with Kids: Trail Mix

It’s spring break in the Caron household and we are ready for adventure!

Originally, I had hoped to whisk my kids (and my husband, if he could go) off to Florida for spring break this week. Unfortunately, it’s just not happening. I could blame it on many things (the budget, my work schedule, etc), but ultimately it just comes down to two things: I am not sure that my nine-year-old car is really up for that magnitude of a trip and I am willing to save the cash we would have spent this week for some fun vacay stuff this summer. Hopefully next year we can make it to Florida.

So, instead of that road trip, we are sticking close to home this week and having adventures all over the place. It’s going to be a very active week for us … we have plans for long walks, fun hikes, trips to the park and zoo and so much more.

It’s also a bit of a break week for my kitchen. Although I am still cooking, we are going uber simple for meals. As much as I love creating, I need a little break too. So, instead of a complicated Cooking with Kids recipe, this is our special (but oh so simple) trail mix for this week.

This is a Will creation. I piled a bunch of potential mix-ins on the table and let Will decide what went in and how much of it. He was so excited to be totally in control of the making. And the result? It’s perfect for snacking on the go.

What do you like to take for snacks on the go?

Our Trail Mix (for this week!)

  • walnut pieces
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • pretzel sticks
  • coconut
  • Blueberry Craisins
  • chocolate chips

Stir it all together and stick in a resealable bag. Eat over the course of a week.