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Connecticut Eats: Lake Zoar Drive-In

I am a total sucker for roadside food joints. Particularly ones that have stood the test of time with a loyal following and a reliable menu. The Lake Zoar Drive-In definitely does this. I stopped recently with the kids to see if their burgers were as good as I remember.

This roadside burger place has been there for decades, although they changed hands (and names, I believe) in 1993. But one thing that hasn’t change is their burgers, which are something remarkable – tender, juicy patties on this amazing roll. I ate their as a child with my grandmother, as a teenager with my cousins and parents and now as an adult with my kids.

Situated on Route 34 near the Stevenson Dam, the Lake Zoar Drive-In is a burger shack with a slim counter for eating or waiting inside and a few picnic tables outside. On our recent trip, we ate inside because it was convenient. Next time I would definitely choose outdoors (or to-go) though. The counter top is fine, but it’s just more comfortable elsewhere.

I had the Weekly Burger, which is topped with gorgonzola cheese, bacon, onion and tomato. It totally exceeded my expectations – juicy with just the right amount of toppings on it. Meanwhile Paige had a cheeseburger and Will a hamburger, and judging by the way they scarfed them down, I think they enjoyed them too.

The waffle fries were crispy and flavorful. We were able to comfortably split a regular order between the three of us, though I think a large would generally be better.

My one complaint about The Lake Zoar Drive-In is their menu, which is extensive to the point of confusing and posted on the windows that separate the food prep area from the waiting area. I’m not sure they are really in any sort of order either. But that wouldn’t stop me from returning. I’ll definitely be back.

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Lake Zoar Drive-In
14 Roosevelt Dr. (Route 34)
Stevenson, CT

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