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Review: Pluggz Flip Flops

As soon as the temperatures begin to tick upwards, I shed my shoes in favor of sandals and flip flops. Given the option, I would probably never wear shoes in the summertime, but polite company does expect you to have footwear at school pickup, grocery stores, restaurants and such. So I aim to keep my feet as close to bare as I can. My husband, who is perfectly comfortable in socks and shoes in the middle of summer, says that’s a little odd. But I disagree.

Still, flip flops aren’t always the most comfortable shoes. Sure, some are well done but if you trend toward the inexpensive ones, they don’t provide much support or spring. So when I was recently asked if I wanted to try out a new flip flop called Pluggz, I obliged.

Pluggz, made by LiSTEN Brands, are a new flip flop that boasts arch support and a special embedded carbon and rubber plug that is supposed to “ground” you while you are wearing them. They retail for $39 and are available in styles for men and women.

When my golden pair arrived, I was intrigued by the black plug that is supposed to “ground” you. It’s harder than the rest of the shoe, so I couldn’t help but wonder how comfortable it would be. Wearing them for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the firm arch support — a clear departure from the inexpensive flip flops I usually favor. The shoe rises in all the right places, making these a more comfortable wear. As for the plug? You can feel it. It sits just below the ball of your feet and is firm (the sole of the shoe otherwise has some give to it). That said, it’s not uncomfortable — and it’s easy to just not notice when you get to moving in these.

In wearing these, I found that there are some surfaces that the plug isn’t comfortable on. For instance, when I walked over a gravel driveway, the plug pushed into my foot. But in the grass and on flat surfaces, it was there but not intrusive. In fact, it sometimes added much-needed relief — like a mini foot massage.

Do Pluggz Really Ground You?

About that grounding … what do they mean, exactly? Basically the unique plug is supposed to connect the wearer to the Earth, allowing for the transfer of free radicals between the body and the Earth. (Did I lose you?) That is supposed to improve mental health and well-being. I have nothing to back these claims up, but hey … I am happy to try anything that might benefit my mental health.

Are They Worth It?

So … are they worth the $39 price tag?

These are definitely a step up from the cheapies and the arch support is a huge plus. While I can’t say whether these really “grounded” me, I can say that I was comfortable, calm and peaceful the whole week I wore them. So maybe there is something there (or maybe I was having a good week — who knows). As for the design, the cute little itty bitty bling on the thong portion was a nice upgrade too. I would consider buying these. Feet are important, and the shoes you wear can impact how your whole body feels.

Pluggz will be releasing a ballet flat version this fall as well — and I am dying to try those too.

Disclosure: I was provided with an editorial sample of Pluggz for the purposes of this review. I wasn’t compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.