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30 Second Review: Nestle Coffee Crisp

A quick and to the point review of Nestle Coffee Crisp, a Canadian candy bar purchased in an American supermarket.

Nestle Coffee Crisp Review

Have you ever stopped to browse the international aisle of the supermarket? It can be a treasure trove of hard to find items, international favorites and unusual finds. On a recent trip, my kids and I lingered in that aisle to see what we could find.

Enter the Nestle Coffee Crisp, a candy bar I’ve never seen before or heard of. But since I love coffee anything, I decided to try it.

It took a few searches to find the Canadian site for this candy bar, but when I did I learned some interesting things about it. Since 2011, it’s been made with natural flavors, and a glance at the ingredients list confirms that. The list includes actual sugar, coffee and chocolate — a good thing. Also, this: “100% of landfill waste at our chocolate factory in Toronto is diverted to an electrical co-generation plant.”

Pretty cool.

So what is the Coffee Crisp? It’s a wafer bar with a crispy coffee-flavored layer in the center. And it’s enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate. Oh, and it’s made in Canada.

But could this hard-to-find in the United States candy bar be tasty? Only one way to find out, right …

Nestle Coffee Crisp_Review

The Good: True to its name, this bar is crispy — but not unpleasantly so. It has a nice flavor to it. Also, you can taste the coffee in the bar, which I love. As for the chocolate, it’s rich and milky. Nice layers of flavor in this bar.

The Bad: I really wanted the coffee layer to be creamy, but it’s crunchy instead. Also, the package calls this “a nice light snack” but at 250 calories per bar, I wouldn’t call this “light.” Also, it claims to have a smooth cream layer, but I didn’t find that.

The Verdict: Despite wanting the center to be different, I love this candy bar. The crispness, the clean flavors, the chocolate … it’s a good mix and a good balance. I’d buy it again.

Find It: I found this in the international section of my local Shaw’s Supermarket. A quick web search reveals that it may also be available at stores including World Market, and Wegmans.

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