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30 Second Review: Graze Box Subscription

A quick and to the point review of the Graze box, a subscription snack service that can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which pay me a small commission (at no charge to you) if you order. All opinions are my own.

Graze Box Review

When Birchbox was relatively new, I subscribed and enjoyed it … until I didn’t. It was fun receiving an assortment of products I wouldn’t normally buy, and I even found one or two that I really liked a lot. But after a few months, the sample packs started piling up unused — they just weren’t products I needed. Realizing that I wasn’t getting much out of it, I cancelled my subscription.

That was, until a few months ago, my only foray into subscription boxes. But there are so many out there now, and so many different types, that I decided to try out a few, including Graze.

Graze is a subscription snack service. Each Graze box comes with 8 snacks — you choose from the 8 snack variety box, which I presently subscribe to, or one of the boxes customized by type (such as breakfast, afternoon snacks or flapjacks). Graze sends you a selection of snacks, based on your choices and which items you’ve said you like — or not.

So, is the Graze box worth it?

The Good: Each of the snacks comes in a handy, single serving plastic container (except the popcorn, which comes in popcorn bags, natch). The serving sizes are just right for snacks and perfect for grab and go snacking. I take them to work, my kids take them to school and everyone is happy. Ordering is easy — you can set up to receive 8-snack boxes as frequently or infrequently as you like — weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. As you try snacks, you also rate them on a scaled system so that the assortment better reflects your tastes as time goes on. Also, you can order a box without signing up for the subscription.

The Bad: While I like the random assortment method, I do wish there was an option to specify one or two snacks that would definitely be included. When ordering, Graze doesn’t provide tracking information for the boxes, so you can’t see when it will arrive. Also, there used to be a 4-snack option that I liked a lot, but Graze discontinued that a few months ago.

The Verdict: Among the snacks, there were some that were clear loves for me and some ones I just didn’t like. Fortunately, Graze has an option for specifying what you don’t want to be sent, so I have taken advantage of that. Overall, I’ve liked it. I did cancel when they eliminated the 4-snack option, but have since resubscribed and plan to continue subscribing. What’s more is that my kids have really enjoyed these snacks too.

Get It: Graze is available directly though the Graze website.Also, Graze has a special offer where you can join today and get your first box for free! Most boxes are $11.99 per box, though some like the Flapjack Box, are $13.99.

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