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How to Enjoy a Steakhouse Style Dinner at Home

Have a wonderful meal at home with these tips for turning your house into a steakhouse. This post is sponsored by Idahoan®. All opinions are my own.

The thermometer outside reads some ridiculously low number and the forecast says it’s about to snow forever. With the snow piling up and the chill on, why leave the house for a delicious steakhouse meal? You don’t have to — it’s totally doable to turn your house into a steakhouse any night of the week. So bring on the comforting potato soup and set the scene for a fabulous steakhouse-style dinner.

Here’s how.

Set the Scene

When you want to recreate the steakhouse experience — whether for an at-home date or a special family dinner or something else — you want to make it special. Skip the usual plates and bare table. These are fine most nights, but steakhouse night is special. Break out your favorite tablecloth, set out the good china or other plates you don’t use as much and fold your cloth napkins with care. Light some candles too, and flowers — a small bouquet, so you can see over it — is a nice touch as well.

Plan the Menu, but Keep It Simple

Save the over-the-top menu for another night. Steakhouse menus feature well-flavored dishes, but not complicated ones. A simple vegetable side (steamed green beans, perhaps) are lovely with the entree. If you are making a steak, season it well and then cook to your desired doneness (grilled is my favorite cooking method). Perhaps make a salad (Crunchy Kale Salad, perhaps?), but don’t forget the steakhouse soup. That’s the most important part.

Potato soups are a flavorful, robust dish perfect for any meal.

And keep it even simpler by making delicious Idahoan® Premium Steakhouse® Potato Soup. These soups — which taste like the ones at steakhouses — take just minutes to prepare. Seriously, you just boil water, whisk in the soup packet and then simmer. Available four flavors — Creamy Potato, Loaded Potato, Cheddar Broccoli and Three Cheese Chipotle — they’re a perfect way to start your steakhouse at home meal. And they retail for only about $2.79 per pouch (each one serves 4).

What’s Your Soundtrack?

Music plays an important role in so many things. It fuels our workouts and entertains us in the car. We listen at work, home and wherever else. So, it’s no surprise that your steakhouse at home experience needs a soundtrack too. It helps set the stage and make your home feel a little fancier. Some soothing jazz music is an ideal background soundtrack to your dining experience.Not into jazz? Try some indie instrumental tunes. Or turn up your favorite classics. Cue up your favorite music streaming service, and select the playlist that speaks to you.

And then … the most important part: Relax. Your steakhouse at home experience should be fun.

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