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Weekend Farmers’ Market Blogging: Week 2

Hey! It’s week two of Weekend Farmers’ Market Blogging! This weekly series is all about celebrating local eating from the farmers market to the kitchen.

We planted our community garden plot this week — finally!

Cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard, radishes and spring onions are now in varying states of growth there. It’s pretty rad to see how much it all grew in just a few days (stay tuned for update pictures next week)

Choosing the plants was surprisingly fun. The kids and I looked at radishes and tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers, greens and beans and so much more. We debated the merits of adding a spicy pepper to the mix and discussed the things that wouldn’t work at this point in our raised bed garden — broccoli, corn and lettuce, for instance. In the end, we left with a cart overflowing with seeds, plants and more. But it wasn’t until we were plotting out the plantings at our garden that I realized we’d bought too much — way too much.

Like twice as much as we had space for. Maybe we should have rented two plots!

In the end, we worked with what we had and planted all the seedlings and two packets of seeds. All the other seeds and whatnot went back … maybe next year.

Weekend Farmers’ Market Blogging, Week 2

Yay! One entry for Weekend Farmers’ Market Blogging this week! Yes, it’s mine.

I am a little crazy about breakfast salads at the moment … and this French Breakfast Radish, Prosciutto and Egg Breakfast Salad on Baby Kale on this here blog Sarah’s Cucina Bella was pretty awesome.

More Tasty Farmers’ Market Blogging From Around the Web

Here’s a few tasty morsels from around the web from other sites writing about farmers’ markets and eating local.

  • Over on Weelicious, the coveted salmon from a weekly farmers’ market trip became Broiled Salmon with Summer Fruit Salad
  • Author Susan Wiggs whose Lakeshore Chronicles series saw me through one of the darkest, snowiest winters I’ve lived through, chats about cherries and a sauce for berries.
  • Rhubarb is in season, and Green Kitchen Stories created a fanciful recipe for Rhubarb Ice Cream Sandwiches. Yes. Please.
  • Oh, and I shared a recipe for Lovage Garlic Vinaigrette in my newspaper column, Maine Course, this week. It’s made with the French herb lovage.

Instagram Post of the Week


Not my usual market but still one of the best in the city (despite that over 1€ price for a baguette tradition.. I see what you’re charging! ?). #toulouse #marchevictorhugo #farmersmarket #bondimanche

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Monday 12th of June 2017

Ohhhhhhh breakfast salad! I don't think I've done that in a long time!