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In Our Maine Garden, Week 6 … Or Holy Growth!

Green beans and tomatoes and beets, oh my! It’s been a good growing season so far. Check out the progress in the sixth installment of In Our Maine Garden.

This week, we harvested several pounds of green beans. We ate about half of them and I transformed the remainder of the beans into dilly beans. More on those soon.

The first of our tomatoes also have ripened. So far, we’ve harvested about a dozen of them.

And beets! We have beets. I’ve roasted some and used the greens in pastas, stir-fry and more.

There are so many tomatoes on the vines right now. I cannot wait to harvest a lot more. Although we eat a lot of sliced tomatoes and use them in everything from salads to pastas, we decided to only grow small varieties this year. Last year’s tomato season wasn’t good — we dealt with a persistent rot issue that meant we barely harvested any. Next year, we’ll branch out again to grow paste tomatoes and heirlooms again. But right now, these are perfect (and good for the growing confidence boost).

More shishito peppers are just about ready to harvest. I wanted to let them get a little bigger before we do though. These will be used for Blistered Shishito Peppers.

And did I mention green beans? We’ve got ’em! It’s been super exciting how well these have done.

How’s your garden doing?


Monday 30th of July 2018

My carrot greens have all disappeared! I'm hoping the neighborhood cat is eating them, and that the carrot is still growing below! And my heirloom tomatoes are still having issues.

But my cucumbers are gorgeous and growing! And the cherry tomatoes are bountiful.

Sarah Walker Caron

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

Oh no! Glad your carrots are still growing though. And so sorry about the heirlooms. I was explaining to my kids how we can never know if it will be a good or bad tomato year, but we try anyway because the tomatoes are worth it.