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In Our Maine Garden: Sometimes Your Bounty is Just Under the Soil

I’ve been biding my time until our carrots and radishes were ripe. Finally, this past week, I took a chance and pulled some — and guess what? They were.

Buried just under the soil were perfect carrots, delightful beets and the beginnings of walla walla onions, though I didn’t pull any of those yet.

So were a ton of cucumbers destined for pickles and a gross of wax beans.

I pulled the peas after harvesting the last of them. But I didn’t get to the replanting I have planned. Today, I hope, will be the day.

The tomatoes have a bounty on them. We’ve only had a handle of them ripen so far, but I think we’re close to more — many, many more.

And now we just wait for the cabbage (shown here) and broccoli to be ready for harvest too.

How’s your garden growing?

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