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Break the Hurry Habit

Guest post by Zita Weber, Ph.D. Yes, it is possible to break the hurry habit and still get everything done!  It’s a matter of self-reflection and determination to change your life so that you have more quality time to do things, including those things in life that are crowded out when you’re always on the …

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Looking Ahead for 2013

When 2013 arrived on Tuesday, I was elated. There were so many difficult moments in 2012, and leaving that behind feels so, so good. Upward and onward, right? And so far, the year is pretty good — the kids returned to school this week, and are so excited to be back there. Their school staff …

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A Good End to the Week

When the kids stepped off the bus on Friday, I was waiting at the end of our driveway in the car. It wasn’t crazy cold or raining — two things that typically lead me to wait in the shelter of the car. Instead, I wanted to be ready to roll when they arrived. I couldn’t …

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Waiting for Sandy

I hate the phrase “batten down the hatches.” And I hate the talk of preparedness, the stockpiles of water in stores that were piled high and then quickly depleted and the sense of impending suckitude. But then again, if we were supposed to like all the stuff that comes before a mega storm like Hurricane …

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