Perfect Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin bread

A quick and easy recipe for Perfect Pumpkin Bread. This is a must-try quick bread recipe. With Will and Paige back in school, our house dynamic is shifting again. It does at the start and end of every summer. And I love that subtle shift … it means that sometimes I am the only one…

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Sauteed Leeks on French Bread

Yesterday, I didn’t feel like eggs in the morning. Or oatmeal. Or cereal. Or anything vaguely resembling a “normal” breakfast. I just didn’t. It reminded me of my younger days when breakfast foods were persona non grata in my life. But I’ve made a concerted effort in recent years to eat breakfast because it’s good…

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CSA Day: Cinnamon-alicious Zucchini Bread and Other Great Ideas

Welcome customers of Shortt’s Farm CSA! Scroll down for my fabulous Cinnamon-alicious Zucchini Bread recipe and other fabulous recipes to use today’s produce. Confession time: I don’t like zucchini. Not one little bit. I hate how it gets all mushy and watery when cooked — it reminds me of slime. How terrible of me, right?…

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