Simplest Summer Vegetable Miso Noodle Soup

summer veggie miso noodle soup

Our local farmers market opened for the season yesterday (finally!). It used to be an all-organic market that was held just down the street from me. Just minutes away, it was tucked away in the parking lot of a local church. Then it moved a little downtown then a little across town. Throw in a…

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Lobster Salad with Avocado, Feta and Lemon Vinaigrette

Lobster Avocado Feta Salad 4

Lobster salad, anyone? Sure, this isn’t your standard lobster salad — but maybe it’s time to think outside the shell with avocado, red peppers and feta cheese. A tangy lemon vinaigrette brings the flavors together in an unforgettable summer salad. But first let’s talk lobster. Whenever we pass the lobster tanks at our local grocery…

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Warm Salad with Grilled New Potatoes

Warm Salad with Grilled New Potatoes-2

When the weather warms up, I start thinking about lighter foods. The soups and roasts that hit the spot on frigid New England winter days are forgotten in favor of lighter summer fare like fruit, everything grilled and salads. Dinner becomes an art of combining no-cook dishes (can’t heat up the kitchen!) combined with whatever…

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Warm Cheesy Roasted Portabella Caesar Salad

portobello mushrooms

When I saw these portabella mushrooms at a local grocery store, I swooned and my head filled with images of meaty roasted portabellas on a salad. Everything else I had imagined cooking vanished (I had really planned to stuff mushrooms with St. Patrick’s Day leftovers). I just wanted my warm portabellas and cool salad. We’re…

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Veggie and Bean Rice Bowls with Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette

Veggie and Bean Rice Bowls-3

This quick and easy recipe for a burrito-style rice bowl is perfect for busy nights. This recipe was created for my client, Old El Paso, but all opinions are my own. Dear March, enough with the cold weather. I am so over it. Bring on the warmer temperatures, skin-kissing sun rays and afternoons in the…

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Thai Red Curry Roasted Vegetables over Quinoa

Thai Red Curry Roasted Vegetables

This Thai Red Curry Roasted Vegetables over Quinoa is one of my favorite dishes. Like ever. Actually, anything with Thai Red Curry Sauce falls into that designation. But making this? Well, it’s not for Shawn and I sort of had to hold my breath seeing if the kids would like it too. See, onions are…

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