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Mouthwatering Chicken Burgers

Doesn’t that look good? It makes my mouth water to think about it, let alone see it. This delicious, juicy chicken burger is ranking tops on my short list of crave-worthy foods. Yum.

It all started earlier this year. Shawn picked up the cleverly named Hamburger Seasoning (really, they went out on a limb for that name, right?) from Williams-Sonoma. We tried it a few times here and there in hamburgers. They were really quite good. I started selecting higher fat meat, which makes for richer, juicier burgers.  Oh, it really was good.

But red meat and specifically red meat with a higher fat content isn’t really the healthiest option. So, we tried out ground turkey, but it was a little dry. Then we used it with ground chicken. Oh, the ground chicken. With a hint of Hamburger Seasonings and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, the chicken burger takes on a flavor reminiscent of a beef hamburger, but without the grease or fat. The taste is sharp, a little peppery and so perfectly moist.

I like it topped with extra sharp cheddar, tomato and some baby lettuce. Don’t forget the ketchup.

Want to make it? Sorry, no recipe for this one. Shawn always makes these and doesn’t have exacting measurements –

To-Die-For Chicken Burgers

Use a tablespoon (the kind you eat soup with, not the kind you measure with) to add one spoonful of Hamburger Seasoning and one spoonful of Worcestershire sauce to one pound of chicken. Mix well. Form patties and cook through.

Serves 4

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