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Fertile Fridays: Gardening is So Fulfilling

Tomatoes! Tomatoes! There are real, albeit tiny, tomatoes on our vines! And tons of blossoms just waiting to burst into more tomatoes. The funny thing is that it’s the sungold cherry tomatoes that are growing at lightning speed, while the early tomatoes I planted are ho-humming along. Go figure.

The broccoli is flowering big now, so I am going to pick some to put into a bouquet with daisies and other flowers from around the yard. I am so not a flower arranger, but I will do my best. And of course, I will share a photo soon.

Meanwhile, the peppers are starting to grow tiny little specimens … I cannot wait to pick a peck of peppers. Or something like that.

The blueberries are inching closer and closer to ripeness. I cannot tell you how excited I am to pick fresh blueberries with the kids. They can both devour them by the pint, so it will be fun to see them step just outside and grab fistfuls. (But ZOMG, the weeds. The weeds! They just don’t stop. Guess what I will be doing bright and early tomorrow?)

The spinach is reaching to high heights now. I plan to harvest some more for a delicious salad tomorrow night. I can hardly wait.

And our rosemary has at least doubled in size as well.

One big thing that I have learned this growing season is that as much as the rain totally, totally stinks … it also is huge for my plants. My flowers are surging up to great heights, my veggies are growing beyond my expectations (ok, so I did have very low expectations, but that’s besides the point) and everything is just generally looking more pulled together than ever before.

Planning and executing the gardens around the house has been a wonderful, fulfilling experience. It’s something that I cannot wait to build on in future years too. I’ve heard that once the gardening bug bites you, it’s hard to stop and that is such a truism. I have some lovely new plants to go in very soon and I cannot wait to finish some plantings in the food area of the garden. In future years, I envision more shape to the garden, more flowers, more of everything … I can’t wait till we get there.

Cate O'Malley

Saturday 20th of June 2009

The garden looks fantastic - especially that rosemary!