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June’s Rosy Joy: Strawberry Picking

The kids and I and two of my friends went strawberry picking yesterday afternoon. So what that it was raining? So what that the skies clued us in that this was a rain that wasn’t going to just pass … It just didn’t matter. We all wanted the berries and nothing was standing in our way.

In past years, the coming of rain would have  (and did) scared my friends and I away from the strawberry fields. But perhaps we are just older and wiser now. Or maybe we were just too fixated on our plans. Whatever the case, when two of my friends arrived from New York on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t matter a smidge that it was starting to drizzle. We packed into the car and headed to Jones Family Farm, a local pick-your-own farm.

When we arrived, we found that we weren’t the only crazy folks taking to the fields for some speed picking (seriously, how else would you do it in the rain?). I can’t tell you exactly how much we picked, but I can tell you that the big, red, rosy berries have the sweetest, juiciest, most luscious flesh … They are beauties.

Have you picked this year? If you are in the northeast, hurry to the fields! Strawberry picking has but a short, short season here of just a few weeks and we are about a week and a half into it already, so time is of the essence. And if you go, remember to pick enough berries to process into all sorts of delicious jams, pies, cakes and other delights. They are just too good to pass up (and seriously, nothing you will ever buy in a grocery store can compare.)

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