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Happy (Snow Day) Halloween!

Here in Connecticut, we usually have our first big snow storm sometime between the end of December and end of January. Not this year. We got our first taste of winter on Saturday with a massive snowstorm that dumped about a foot of wet snow on parts of New Jersey, New York and New England. We lost power on Saturday afternoon at about 2:30 p.m. and are still without it. However, after Hurricane Irene’s aftermath where we were days without power, when the opportunity to buy a generator arose on Sunday, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The generator powers our fridge, internet, my computer, a space heater and a light. Everything else — running water, stove, heat, etc — are off until our power is restored. There haven’t been any real estimates on when that might — beyond the warning that this could be a long outage — maybe even a week or more.

As hard as it is to carry on in frigid temperatures indoors and out, I am counting my blessings. Though our driveway was blocked in two places after the storm, our house and everyone in it was unscathed. We’re okay, and surviving. We’ve piled on the blankets for the past few nights and everyone has a flashlight for nighttime. Our phone works and thanks to the generator, I am not missing work this time around.

Unfortunately for the kids, the loss of power, cold temperatures, unsafe roads and down power lines have caused the town to postpone our Halloween. No trick or treating tonight. That makes me incredibly sad. October 31 is Halloween — the only one and my very favorite holiday of all. To miss it this year just stinks. Still, when our Halloween happens this weekend? We are so there. Costumes and all.

If you are trick or treating tonight, go to a couple extra houses for us.

Also, please think of my friend Cate O’Malley from Sweetnicks, who is also without power today. It’s a hard thing to deal with — especially with pets and young kids.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday 1st of November 2011

Hope the power comes back soon for all of y'all and I'm so sorry about the lack of Halloween for the kids. But I only have fond memories of blizzards as a child. Perfect time for family togetherness, curled up under blankets, drinking hot cocoa and playing board games.