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A Look Back on my 2012 Goals

Oh goals, they are a funny thing. We set them, and go for them and then … well, if we don’t look back on them, how can we decide how well we are doing? Being the last day of 2012, it’s a perfect time to recap the year in goals.

At the beginning of 2012, I set 12 goals. Yes, 12. It was ambitious, for sure. And I knew that. Overall, I didn’t complete a lot of them, but I did make some efforts that were really positive.

Here’s how I did:

  1. Read 52 Books – In 2011, I read 40-45 books. This year, I set out to read 52 … but didn’t quite make it. As of right now, I have completed 46 books … sort of. I counted the six novellas of the Sweet Valley adult sequel (The Sweet Life) as one book. Also I am on Chapter 30 of my 47th book (it has 38 chapters). Regardless, I am very happy with my reading this year. I could, however, have done better in the fall months when I read very little — and that would have ensured that I made the 52 book goal.
  2. Weigh Less Than Today – Um. No. Definitely no. I tried a mindful eating plan in 2012 and it backfired big time. We’ll leave it at that.
  3. Hand-write (and Send) 1 Letter Each Month – I hand wrote several letters this year, posted a few but definitely not one per month.
  4. Get Ahead of Deadlines – I struggled with this a lot this year, but definitely got better at my time management and often being ahead of the deadlines. But I still need to work at it.
  5. Be Hyper Organized – Hahahahahahahaha.
  6. Pitch Every Month – Yes. I did a lot of pitching this year and worked on expanding my work. I am pretty pleased with how it worked out.
  7. Craft a Book Proposal – LI have two proposals in the works. However, both should be completed soon.
  8. Write Fiction at Least Once a Week – I can’t say that I worked on fiction weekly, but I did work on it — which is big in of itself because I hadn’t written any fiction in years. I have a solid start to a novel going, so I am pretty happy about that.
  9. Travel New England – Not at all. Sigh.
  10. Vacation – YES! We rolled a Florida vacation into a work trip for me. And it was a total blast. I would love to take the kids back in 2013.
  11. Purge – We did purge this year, but we also ended up with more stuff too — so while this is a yes, it feels more like a wash.
  12. Dress Intentionally Every Day – I did really well with this in the beginning of the year, moderately well in the rest of the year. But there were still a few too many just-tossed-on days.

In 2013, my goals will be a lot simpler — and fewer in number.