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23 Delicious Ground Turkey Recipes for Dinner Tonight

These creative ground turkey recipes will help you put lean, flavorful, family-friendly dinners on the table any night of the week.

23 Delicious Ground Turkey Recipes for Dinner Tonight

How many times have you arrived home with no idea what would hit the table for dinner that night? That happened to me earlier this week when I’d forgotten to toss the pork in the slow cooker in the morning. Ultimately, I whipped up make-your-own pasta bowls that night. But I also asked my Facebook friends what they do when that happens. The answers were wide and varied … and the thing I loved most about them? It just showed that this happens to everyone.

Ground turkey can help make quick, last-minute dinners a snap. Like ground beef, it cooks quickly and can be used in so many different ways. And it adapts to different cuisines well too.

These 23 ground turkey recipes, while not necessarily all quick and easy, include ones perfect for dinner anytime (yes, even tonight!), for when you want something different and for when you have time to plan ahead.


Spicy Hummus Turkey Chili | Running to the Kitchen

Chili that’s both creamy and spicy? Sign me up. This creative ground turkey recipe uses a spicy hummus to develop that creaminess without a roux. Sounds like a winner … and looks so tasty too.


Crock Pot Paleo Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili | Cotter Crunch

Love spicy flavors? Me too. And when it’s a smokey, spicy, sweet combination, it’s even better. This chili is flavored with smokey, spicy chipotle peppers, and filled with sweet potatoes, cauliflower and more — oh, and ground turkey, if you choose (there are several meat options suggested). How perfect for a cold winter night, right?


Asian Lettuce Cups with Spicy Ground Turkey Filling | Kalyn’s Kitchen

Whether you are seeking low-carb recipes, or just looking for something different, these lettuce cups (or lettuce wraps, if you prefer) look delightful. A spicy filling made with ground turkey, onions, garlic, ginger and more is finished off with cilantro and peanuts — how tasty!


Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats | It’s Yummi

Zucchini boats were one of those happy surprise dishes I discovered last year. Barely cooked zucchini is a perfect vessel for stuffing. In this version, lean ground turkey and fresh veggies combine to create a fresh, flavorful filling for these zucchini boats. And it’s all topped with salty feta cheese. Yum.

Turkey Sloppy Joes

Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes | Sarah’s Cucina Bella

Looking for a saucy, messy, flavorful dinner? (Who isn’t?!?) Seriously though, Sloppy Joes are a childhood favorite and so much fun. This version, which includes some chopped veggies for good measure, uses lean ground turkey and a rich homemade sauce. As far as ground turkey recipes go, this is a staple.


Mexican Turkey Veggie Skillet Lasagna | Persnickety Plates

Mexican flavors with a lasagna twist? Sign me up! This fun recipe trades the hassle of full blown lasagna (let’s be honest: it’s easy but time consuming to make usually) for a fun, easy skillet recipe. Veggies, ground turkey, taco seasoning, noodles, cheese … sounds good to me.

turkey meatball subs

Turkey Meatball Subs | Noshing with the Nolands

My kids (and I) love meatball subs. This version trades the traditional beef meatballs for homemade turkey ones. And it’s still got all the saucy, cheesy goodness you’d expect from a delightful meatball sub.


Ground Turkey and Veggie Brown Rice Bowls | Life is But a Dish

Rice bowls are one of my favorite dinners. And this one? It sounds quite interesting. Seasoned veggies and ground turkey combine with a lemony tomato sauce and brown rice in this creative, unusual rice bowl. The recipe suggests topping with sriracha … which is totally up my alley.


Turkey and Rice Skillet | Belly Full

I’m a sucker for a one pan meal and this skillet, which requires very little hands on time, totally hits the mark. Plus, it looks delicious too.


Hummus with Turkey and Zucchini Meatballs | The View from Great Island

If you like hummus (YES!) and Greek flavors (YES!) and meatballs (YES!), then this creative dinner dish is perfect. Now, pass the fluffy pita bread because I want to dig right in.


Turkey, Sweet Potato and Kale Cannelloni | Cafe Delites

Sometimes you spot a food recipe and can’t help but think, “Oh, I have to have that.” That was the case with this recipe. It’s healthy and hearty, bright and fresh and just looks so good. That stuffed pasta? Oh, I need it in my life.

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Monday 8th of February 2016

What a great collection of recipes! These will really help with my meal planning today!

Nikki @ Nik Snacks

Sunday 7th of February 2016

What a great round up! I definitely have some new weeknight ideas now! Thank you!

Rebecca B.

Saturday 6th of February 2016

These ideas could really save me on those crazy weeknight days when we are running 50 different directions!! I have pinned it for the future. Thanks!!

Dee Dee (My Midlife Kitchen)

Saturday 6th of February 2016

What a great round up! I love using ground turkey in place of beef, too. I feel better about the meal knowing it's a little bit healthier! And because there is so little fat, I feel like you can play with other fats as flavors and still have a healthy outcome. Thanks for the new list of must-try recipes!

Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

Saturday 6th of February 2016

We use a lot of ground turkey, I've been subbing it for ground beef more and more over the last few years. Such a great roundup, I see a bunch I want to try!